event services

Event Services

Our founder has been at the helm of several big events for over 30 years.  

GM4X have a wealth of knowledge and experience at running or consulting for events and challenges which are inclusive and provide access for all. 

We firmly believe that when there is fun or fundraising events, that the beneficiaries should also be included.

These services include:

  • Supplying a fleet of all terrain wheelchairs
  • Providing detailed planning of infrastructure
  • Supplying that infrastructure
  • Route of location surveys
  • Specially trained first aid cover
  • Volunteer duty allocation and comprehensive briefing
  • Supply of operational plan
  • Supplying a risk assessment

Through careful due diligence we provide professional services that will target the specific needs of those involved.  The outcomes will be measurable, achievable by all and will be realistic and time and cost efficient.