Inclusion Consultancy

Whether it be applying for funding or starting a community project the law and funders require everything to be ‘inclusive’.

Public expectations are now widely acknowledged that everywhere should be accessible by everyone. Our strap line ‘Outdoor Access for All’ says it all because we are absolutely passionate about providing professional services including our Inclusion Consultancy to help take you to where you want to be.

Equality Act 2010

The disability discrimination law it is in place to promote civil rights for people with disabilities and to protect people with disabilities from discrimination. It bans disability discrimination by employers against disabled job seekers and employees and by service providers against disabled service users.

Gordon (Linkedin Profile) is passionate about this very subject and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to:

  • Survey and study the project
  • Consider all aspects of what is proposed
  • Take an object view of the project
  • Provide detailed and informed advice.
  • Compile a report which will accompany the funding application