Why should you buy an All-Terrain Wheelchair in 2024

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What is an outdoor use wheelchair and why you need one?

The evolution of the wheelchair over time demonstrates how technological advances have been fuelled by the evolving needs, conditions, and inventiveness of wheelchair users. This simple mobility aid has evolved from a modest idea to a more complex machine.

We are all familiar with the wheelchair because it is a piece of technology that millions of individuals with disabilities use worldwide. The very first mobility chair was designed in 1595 with King Phillip II of Spain in mind. The chair had a platform for Phillip’s legs, an adjustable backrest, and little wheels at the ends of the chair’s legs. The chair itself couldn’t move on its own and needed to be pushed. We have come a long way from that now, and these mobility aids have become something bigger. The world of wheelchairs is evolving and so are we. They are being used in numerous sporting events such as the Paralympics and the recently concluded Wheelchair Rugby League. This is however restricted to a more professional level. What about day to day and leisure activities?

For many people, being restricted by a wheelchair can be very constricting. They can often only travel on paved walkways or well-maintained footpaths. These cannot be found everywhere and specially when it comes to more adventurous activities.

We at GM4X have taken a simple wheelchair and created the Paratreker, All-Terrain Wheelchairs, or wheelchairs for outdoor use. Designed by our experts and customisable to your needs, our outdoor mobility chairs revolve around you. While everyday wheelchairs have their limitations, the GM4X range of Paratrekers, are not afraid of the hardest of terrains! These are well capable for all those who love exploring the outdoors.

These outdoor all-terrain manual wheelchairs help in accessing the unexplored terrain with ease. A Sunday trek to the nearest mountains or the beach just got easier.

What is an All-Terrain Wheelchair and What are its Benefits?

In the simplest terms, an all-terrain wheelchair is a wheelchair for outdoor use. Unlike day to day wheelchairs, that are not made for rough terrains, an all-terrain wheelchair has the ability to navigate nearly every kind of outdoor terrain, including dirt, ice, gravel, pebbles, grassland, rubble, etc. They are not affected by rain, dust, or heat, making them ideal for almost any climate.

At GM4X, we ensure that the product is focused on YOU. These wheelchairs are sturdier than normal wheelchairs and are stable, comfortable and will cope with almost any terrain you throw at them.

They are designed keeping the outdoors in mind. When travelling over uneven ground, the Paratreker makes the journey smoother and less rough.

All terrain wheelchairs are an excellent way for people to experience the great outdoors. They allow access to a substantial portion of the Earth that a typical on-road wheelchair could never reach.

Spending time outside in the sunshine and strolling through parks has several health benefits and these outdoor wheelchairs make them available to everyone.

With 2023 right around the corner, being able to step out, or go hiking and exploring the outdoors should be on your weekly checklist. Exploring the outdoors is no longer a pre-planned activity with all terrain wheelchairs, but something that can be done on an impulse.

Our first product and now a common name for numerous organisations such as Access the Dales, Able to Adventures and other organisations and individuals across the UK, the Paratreker is aimed at helping adults explore the outdoors. Each Paratreker can be customised according to your requirements and handmade by our UK experts.

The large seats ensure that the rider is safe, comfortable and has ample of space. The sturdy metal and light aluminium frame of the Paratreker is designed in such a way that it encourages you to test its limits. Be it a sandy beach, country track or path, the wheels ensure a tight grip always and make you ask what are slips and falls?

In Conclusion`

Off-road mobility chairs are made to manage rough, uneven terrain that a regular wheelchair could not handle. An all-terrain wheelchair helps you to maintain an active lifestyle and take part in activities you enjoy. You can negotiate a rough trail with friends at a nearby park, navigate a snowy path in the woods, or enjoy the sunset on a sandy beach. GM4X has a range of products, that can be customised to your needs and requirements and help you explore the outdoors. Get in touch to know more about buying, renting or leasing the Paratreker by writing to us at sales@gm4x.co.uk